Sturdee Residence providing a new edge of lifestyle

A good place to live not only makes your proud but also fills your family with joy. There has been a number of constructions of residential place going at Singapore. Of the Luxury, one is the Farrer Park Sturdee Residence. This project is constructed by Sustained Land Pte Ltd. The construction is almost over, and going to open very soon.

sturdee residence providing a new edge of lifestyle

Where is it located?

Sturdee Residences have one of the finest location near the heart of Singapore. It is on the Sturdee Road of District 08. You can reach it by foot in just few minutes from Farrer Part MRT station. The Bendemeer MRT station, which is on construction, is also a few minutes walk away. There is a huge number of developments and facilities around this place.

What are the facilities of this location?

The most popular Orchard road is just a drive away. You can reach to any part of Singapore from this place either by road or by metro. There is over 200 shops in this area. The City Square Mall, Serangoon Plaza, Mustafa centre all are very near to this place. Other than this there are small and big restaurants, nearby. You can reach to the supermarket, school and workplace very easily from here. There is a popular sports centre and stadium is at close proximity.

What are the amenities you get at Sturdee Residence?

  • As already said, this project is one of the best place to live in. All the units are made with modern interiors, fully furnished kitchen and a highly decorated bathrooms.
  • Highly efficient layout can be seen from the Sturdee Residence floor plan.
  • There is also an excellent view from the glass walls.
  • Other than this, there is a swimming pool for the elders and a separate one for the kids. There is also a water jet pool.
  • For kids, there is a children’s park.
  • Other facilities are function room, dining pavilion, BBQ pavilion and more things are there to come up at Sturdee Residence.

Significant information for investors about Singapore’s Centrium Square

There is small number of people in Singapore who don’t have information about Centrium Sq, a commercial office building, is situated along the road of Serangoon in Singapore. Businessmen, entrepreneurs are literally amazed while they visit this commercial office building. Actually its amenities, excellent service, top class facilities, exclusive interior design, best quality materials, architectural shape and structure, its concept everything is so unique and exceptional that people are automatically impressed.

significant information for investors about singapores centrium square

Even while you enter into the complex, you find each and every item is perfectly positioned at the right place. You cannot find anything odd. Everything is smooth and even. And there is no doubt that it is a perfect arrangement that is prepared for potential shop owners or businessmen.

Why in Singapore?

Basically Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and it is globally accepted that this city has a bright future in business. Last 14 years Singapore has been considered one of the best places for business investment. In this situation this kind of ultra-modern commercial office building is being launched with free hold tenure. So naturally, local and international entrepreneur, capitalist show their interest to grab this opportunity. Before applying your application, here is some essential information that should be known by the potential buyers.

Important terms and conditions for investors:

  • Suitable loan facility is available,
  • You can also mortgage your property,
  • Up to 80% loan is obtainable,
  • People of other countries (foreigners) can also purchase Centrium Square’s office building,
  • National and international investors are free to buy this property at any time and they can also sell their property without any problem at any time.
  • There is no requirement for seller stamp duty,
  • Willing buyers will have to deposit only 20% money at the initial stage,
  • ABSD is not mandatory etc.

Therefore, one thing is very clear that organizer of Centrium Square has offered commercial units along with convenient terms and conditions, so that each and every one can enjoy this arrangement without much trouble.

City Gate Residences: The Unperturbed panoramic view of heavenly abode

Well a condominium abbreviated as a condo, is a dwelling or habitation just like apartments and houses. You can say that it is a housing type and it is one of the major decisions to make when buying. Condo ownership includes only the living space inside of the condo unit. City Gate Residences are good options if you want to enjoy a turnkey lifestyle.

city gate residences the unperturbed panoramic view of heavenly abode

Boons of a Condominium

The reasons for choosing a condo over other housing types are very elementary. They are:

  1. The amenities and facilities available in a condo building are at a great perk. It often provides a pool, a gym, a party room and other welfare opportunities.
  2. It doesn’t require any responsibility of maintenance and repairs. So you can enjoy the mesmerizing life at the condos.
  3. The living space for condos is move- in ready without the need for any amelioration.

The City Gate Sojourn Illustration

The City Gate Residences is a new motion that is setting in at the Beach Road in Singapore. Formally known as Keypoint Building it is a looming New Project Mixed used development of Fragrance Group + World Class Land. City Gate Residences is a 30 Storey Development is highlighting 311 Residential Units and 188 Retail or commercial units. Some chosen south facing units get to enjoy Marina Reservoir Views while others get an exhilarating city view.

Henceforth Citygate Condominium offers you the esteemed and eminent lifestyle. Coming to its location as already stated City Gate is located at the junction of Beach Road and Jalan Sultan Singapore and is directly related to Nicoll Highway Mrt. The Concourse Shopping Center is just a minute from your condo. So you can avail all your amenities in no time. Thus, it is no less than a package which provides you a stress less living.


You can register for show flat viewing by visiting the official website of City Gate Residences and indulge in the serene and tranquil lifestyle right as early as possible.

High Park Condo offers quality housing solution at affordable pricing

Condominiums are being constructed in the island nation of Singapore more often than before. Condos along with government’s Housing Board Department provides bulk of the country’s housing demand. With new industries emerging throughout the country, offering business and job opportunities, condominiums offering affordable housing for those seeking their dream homes becomes the first choice of many. The old monotonous design of rectangular concrete apartments are being replaced by more modern and environment friendly condominiums like High Park condo.

high park condo offers quality housing solution at affordable pricing


This newly launched project is located in a developed area with a lot of parks. The river flowing through the district has walkways, being just a few minutes walk from the apartments many residents will savor these places.


Maintaining the fragile ecological balance is what the developers Chip Eng Seng, Heeton and Kim Seng Heng must have had in mind while sketching the structures. 3/4th of the land is dedicated to conserving greenery. The buildings themselves have rooftop and balcony gardens, creating an oxymoron blend of concrete and plants. The tower buildings have wide balconies and broad windows that will allow more daylight to enter the building, reducing the building’s power consumption.

Interior and Floor Planning

Well crafted and well equipped furniture and kitchen appliances complements High Park Residence’s high end sophistication. Most of the apartments are 1 and 2 bedrooms. 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are also available though they are fewer in number. There are few studios and bungalows on sale too.

Rooms are spacious, with a lot of void to move around freely. They are connected eloquently to each other with efficient ventilation and natural lighting playing its role in the clever design.


The condominium is well guarded with sophisticated technology and trained security guards. CCTV cameras will be used to monitor all parts of High Park condo 24×365.

Tabletop water filtration system- Its Sleek and user-friendly

The tabletop water filtration system offers you the maximum of the space-friendliness and the easiest of the user interface. Over the online stores you would get varied sorts of these dispensers available for budget prices. The benefits in using water dispensers are well known to people and as such it you would not get a single house wherein you would not see these devices. The dispensers serve with filtered and water-controlled water that is not only safe for the health but you feel highly soothing while drinking the water.

tabletop water filtration system its sleek and user friendly

It’s the sleekness that matters

One of the best features of these dispensers lies upon its sleekness of the design. The tabletop water dispenser would require the least of the spaces for you to accommodate it. As it becomes evident from the name itself, you can position the dispenser over the top of the tables only and thus need not to worry about the space crunch which is a common aspect, related to the urban living.

What about the services in winters?

It is not that this water filtration system can serve you cooler waters only. The market has on it offers such pieces that serves with hot and cold water from the same unit and thus it offers you greater functionality. It implies that these dispensers cans serve you across the twelve months of the year and thus it offers better return on the money you put on it.

Get online for the best products and the deals

If you are looking for the top most quality of products for reasonable prices, you have to turn your search to the online domain. The online stores offer several forms of dispensers at budget ranges and you can select the one that fits to your requirements, at the best.

Techniques for Natural Breast Enlargement

Breast is the symbol of personality and femininity to all women around the world. Women love large breast to show their beauty. Their only desire is to achieve large and round breasts. Some women have naturally blessed developed breasts where as there are many women who have the small size of breasts. Breast is nothing but a mass of glandular fatty tissues that changes during puberty. During puberty breasts respond to hormonal changes and begin to develop.

techniques for natural breast enlargement

How Hormone affects your breast:

‘Estrogen and Progesterone’ play a pivotal role in breasts enlargement. If there is a deficiency in these two hormone breasts do not develop properly. Beside these two hormones proper nutrition and genetics also determine the size of the breasts. If your breasts do not develop properly due to lack of any hormone, natural breast enlargement therapy works in a very effective way. In every beauty industry a variety of breast enhancement options like pills or creams or hormonal injections are applied to enlarge breast, but all these may be no doubt very expensive surgical procedures. But if you choose some natural way, you may expect good results too. Natural methods for breast enlargement can be effective but will take time and patience.

How natural breast enlargement remedies work:

You can apply natural breast enlargement techniques at your home to enhance your breast with minimum effort. You can do it yourself. If you spend some time for this technique in your home, you may get best result for large breast. Do regular exercise for a particular time, exercises like chest compressions, bench presses; chest presses, pushups, and wall pushups can help in breast enlargement. Again, massaging is the other way of natural breast enhancement, massage your breast for 10-20 minutes everyday with some natural ingredients must be very effective way of breast enlargement. So, why not use this natural method for breast enlargement.

The features to expect from The Vales executive condo

For those who are planning to move to the Sengkang province in Singapore then one of the most impressive condo developers to visit is The Vales. They are about to be completed within 2018. There is great demand in the market for this executive condo development in Sengkang. The development area is not only beautiful, but also comprise of great many features that is very hard to find in any other condos available nearby. If you require a condo development that can offer entertainment for all of your family members then you can check The Vales.

the features to expect from the vales executive condo

The benefits for the residents of The Vales

The Vales Executive condo comprises of nearby bus stations such as Sengkang east road and the Anchorvale Street, where buses are available almost every few minutes. There are a great number of restaurants and shopping centers to spend your time with family on weekends. The business hub is very close for all vehicle owners and it might take about 30 minutes’ drive from The Vales. There are few famous expressway such as Kallang Paya Lebar, Tampines and Central expressway to be located near The Vales Executive condo. It’s an overall package for people who love both family and work and want to give more time for both.

There is an upcoming mall named Seletar Mall that is expected to be one of the best malls with large shopping options. When selecting a condo, it’s significant to make sure that the condo is located in a place where all necessary facilities like, school, Hospital, shopping malls etc. And the Vales can offer these facilities. There is a nearby General hospital and Sengkang community, which is a very popular community facility that can be found around. Some of the elite schools like Nan Chiau high school, Pei Hwa secondary school, Nan Chiau primary school and many such popular schools are located around The Vales condo development site.

Play On To Win Battles and Get Leveled Up

If you love utilizing your time with your iPhone, play Dragon Bane IOS. It is an immersive MMORPG game, which is available free at iPhone App store. While playing the game you would come across nine classes of characters, dozens of companions and multiplayer actions where you can give strategic moves. Those who love classic MMO games, this game is one of the best for them. Mold yourself into any role playing from any place you want with your mobile app.

play on to win battles and get leveled up


There are different features that you would go through while playing Dragon Bane. First, while starting the game you need to choose any one character among the nine different and unique characters. Among the other MMORPG the graphics of this game is stunning and so is the music and other sound effects. After you have chosen your character, you would be starting your adventure in the fantasy realm of Dragon Bane. The story would began from the starting and you have to be in actions right from the beginning.


For playing this game you would be exploring the Dragon Bane world and try to remove all evil spirits for bringing back peace in the land. With facing the hundreds of instances and winning over the battles that comes across you would be leveling yourself up. Your character would become more skillful with time and you can purchase new weapons.
On your way you would be making more and more friends and killing off millions of enemies. If you are playing it in the multiplayer mode then you would be playing of other players from all over the world. They would simply give you challenges and after winning them you can have control over the realm.

The more progress you would make you would be able to have more and more skills and thus love this game more.

Play the best online make up games

Playing dress up is something which every girl enjoys to do. Whether at the age of 5 or 15 every girl likes to wear different clothes and flaunt different looks. Older girls have the access to make up and dresses which they use. But for those tiny fashionistas having access to make up is a little bit difficult. But that does not these budding makeup artists will stop from whatever they want to do. For these tiny tots there are online games that they can play anytime and anywhere. No more fear of ruining your makeup as your kids can now play these online make up games.

play the best online make up games

Here is a list of make up games for you little ones:

Elsa And Rapunzel: College Girls, Now And Then: Elsa Makeup, Taylor Swift: True Makeup, Ariana Grande: Real Makeup, Frozen Elsa: Feather Chain Braids, Nerdy Girl Makeover, Ellie: Prom Nails Designer, Beauty Resort, Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup, Real Haircuts: Hannah Montana, So Sakura: Christmas, Anna Frozen Hair Spa, Sofia The First: Face Art, Elsa Nails Spa, Shopping Lily, Roxelane Huerrem: True Make Up, So Sakura: Dark Princess, Anna Frozen: Real Makeover, Avie: Halloween Style, So Sakura: Movie Star, Modern Jasmine: Spa Day, Demi Lovato: True Makeup, Back To School Makeover, Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup, Geeky To Emo Makeover, So Sakura: First Date, Baby Frozen Face Painting, Dakota Fanning: True Makeup, Style Me Lovely, Princess Hairstyle, Bride Preparation Facial, Real Haircuts: Justin Bieber, Elements Makeover: Fire Princess, Super Nail Salon, Goth Girl Makeover, Fruitilicious Makeover, Elements Makeover: Ice Princess, My Perfect Wedding Makeup, Summer Braided Hairstyles, Super Hair Studio, The Hunger Games Makeover, Girl’s Night Out, Hairmione’s Perfect Hair Date etc.

Kids love playing these make up games which has their favorite Disney characters as their model. All you need to do is get online play them.